Our Activities

Welfare Support

  • To promote the general welfare of its members and activities which are nonpolitical in nature.
  • To promote unity, co-operation, and understanding among the members.
  • To encourage and bring a closer relationship among members
  • To create mutual and friendly relations among its members.
  • Socialize and enhance positive interactions among members.

Economic Empowerment.

  • To help the eradication of poverty among our members by uplifting the standard of living.
  • To help eradicate of poverty among our members by uplifting the standard of living, merry go round savings.

Medical Intervention and Support

  • The association shall help its members whenever they are in problems i.e. sickness, funerals.

Social Cultural Events

  • To conduct cultural events and celebrity management, entertainment shows, traditional music shows, traditional cultural exhibitions, cultural events management shows, and traditional fashion shows.
  • Organizing traditional fairs, expositions, meets, indigenous product launches, concerts and gala dinners, weddings, religious events, government, college and school festivals, theme parties, online promotion of cultural events, cultural concerts, live shows, parties and simply bookings and reservations.
  • To assist members in contributing to the education of the members and their families.
  • To assist members during funerals arrangements as, as shall be agreed upon members of the spouse, self, parents, and children’s.