One of the needs of Joytown primary school was a photocopier machine more so after the introduction of CBC. The teacher needed to photocopy and print assignments.

Josa officials with Joytown primary headteacher and the board members.

The pupils and their teachers receiving the photocopier machine

JOSA officials sought for donors and were lucky to get EXPRESS AUTOMATION LTD who donated a photocopier that can photocopy, print, and scan at a high speed. The school also got a kind donation of 6 reams of photocopies from Crossroads Electronics, Thika.
On September 14th, 2022 the JOSA officials chairman Bonface, organizing secretary Pauline, and committee member Barack accompanied by the technician from Express Automation Ltd presented the photocopier machine to the school.
The teachers were taught how to operate the machine and highly appreciated the donation. The deputy headteacher said it would go a long way in making learning easier.
The headteacher expressed his gratitude for the kind gesture and looked forward to more interactions